1. On the final day of the Intensive, July 8, 2011, a reception was held to showcase the students’ projects to the Museum staff and to the general public. At the beginning of the program, each student was told that the culmination of the two-week Intensive was an artist book. However, what they wanted their artist book to convey and how they visually rendered their message was up to their own interpretation. Throughout the program, the students were guided in the development of their project through the instructors’ input, excursions to visit other artists, lessons in different artistic mediums and examples of various artist books.

    Browse this series of photographs to obtain a glimpse of what the reception was like on the final day of the program.

  2. After Isabelle explained her visual timeline of the Intensive on the last day of the program, July 8, 2011, Noel took his turn to share his experiences with Isabelle.

  3. Artist Encounters: Dan Talbot

    The final artist the students encountered on the third day of the Intensive, June 30, 2011, was Dan Talbot, whose work was featured in “Among the Breakage" — an exhibition held at Brown University’s David Winton Bell Gallery. The Providence Journal cited Dan Talbot’s work featured in the gallery to be “more personal over grand attention-grabbing ‘statements.’ ” The article, “In the Galleries: ‘Among the Breakage’ at Bell Gallery,” further stated that his artwork is akin to a “visual diary” and is “fluidly cinematic.”

  4. Artist Encounters: Andrew Raftery

    On the seventh day of the Intensive, July 7, 2011, RISD Professor of Printmaking Andrew Raftery met with the students to discuss the exhibition on Jacques Callot. Later in the afternoon, the students ventured into downtown Providence for a behind the scences look at Professor Raftery’s studio. There, he discussed mainly his artistic process along with his inspiration for his pieces. His work narrows in on the narrative stories of current American life.

  5. Peruse some photographs taken of the students’ sketchbooks on the last day of the Intensive, July 8, 2011.

  6. Artist Encounters: Monica Shinn

    Brown Univesity’s David Winton Bell Gallery’s exhibition “Among the Breakage" also housed some of the work of local artist Monica Shinn. Since the students visited the gallery on the third day of the Intensive, June 30, 2011, they were able to see Monica Shinn’s work. She strives to honestly portray reality through her use of color rather than line perspective. According to her website, she has dabbled in many different forms of artistic expression such as writing, painting and metal work.

  7. This exercise on the second day of the program, June 29, 2011, was designed to inspire students to reflect upon how they look at and interpret objects in the context of a museum, and through this reflection, begin to explore their own personal approaches to creativity. Students were each given a ‘toolkit’ of five small objects such as a button, a smooth stone, a feather. Each object corresponded to a short prompt, which was intended to encourage close looking and thoughtful responses to works of art and design. Students were asked to take their ‘toolkits’ as they moved through Pendleton House, pulling the ‘tools’ out of the envelope at random and responding to the prompts as they saw fit. Students used their sketchbooks to record and collect their responses and experiences in short words and phrases without censoring. After 30 minutes of independent looking in Pendleton House, the students gathered and selected ten key words or phrases from the text they generated, writing these words on post-it notes. As a group, the students created a dynamic map of their thoughts, connecting and making relationships between their short responses. After working on this map for another half an hour or so, students were asked to individually write a sentence distilling what creativity meant to them at this moment, using this process as a springboard for reflection. This writing was to set the stage for later writing about personal creative process and, eventually, an artist statement.

  8. Artist Encounters: Shawn Gilheeney

    Also at the “Among the Breakage" exhibition at the David Winton Bell Gallery was the work of local artist Shawn Gilheeney. The students had the opportunity to see his artwork when they went to the gallery on the third day of the Intensive, June 30, 2011. Shawn Gilheeney’s work is very much tied to natural processes and organic material and how they affect manmade structures. Jacqui De Cormier wrote and essay on him in which he said, “What has most captivated him is the ‘theory of entropy, [and how] things are constantly de-evolving.’ “

  9. Artist Encounters: Sam Duket

    Sam Duket’s work was also exhibited at “Among the Breakage" at the David Winton Bell Gallery of Brown University, and thus the students had the chance to see some of his pieces on the third day of the Intensive, June 30, 2011. According to the Providence Journal, the form of his three wall sculptures were “…augmented by an array of colors — orange-red, metallic green, silver-blue — that would not look out of place on a Formula One race car or a custom-made surf board. The results manage to look both elegantly minimalist and gorgeously sexy.”

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